Brenda Veila – Music In Your Soul

Published on: 2017-11-30

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Brenda is of Russian roots and is fluent in English; Russian and French. She has previously accomplished extensive airplay on over 300 Russian and European radio stations (Best FM; Click Radio – Monaco; Fank FM – Khabarovsk; Hot FM – Latvia; Inter FM – Ukraine…) and this was largely owed to the success she had recording with Finish composer Natalia Ruohonen in 2015.

She was born in Moscow; before moving to Europe to embark on a defining chapter in her young career. Despite Brenda’s music being of Pop genre; she still takes the ABRSM exams is both singing and piano; as her parents have always valued the classical education system. The nickname ‘Brenda from Limassol’ (due to her move to Cyprus) caught on shortly for a while; but nowadays; after starting work at the renowned Soundscape Studios; she simply goes by ‘Brenda’. Regardless of any nicknames or accolades; at heart she remains very accessible – just a kid doing her thing.

Speaking to one of the engineers at the studio; he says “Brenda has to be by far and away the best artist to work with. She doesn’t come in and demand three freddo espressos just to get her going in the morning; or blame the song key for any mic rust she might have. And her work rate is second to none”. Hopefully this adolescence stuff doesn’t ever get in the way…

Brenda’s music is exactly what anyone would hope for from a 13 year old; positive and infectious. And if ‘Give Me Your Hand’ didn’t already send that message; her upcoming releases certainly will. There are already a series of singles and music videos lined-up to be released in 2016; a year which she is confident; will lay the path for those to follow. Her influences include Demi Lovato; Ariana Grande; Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson amongst others.

Aside from music; Brenda is an extremely competent rider and also enjoys tennis; painting and swimming. And whilst she didn’t grow up starring in her own TV series; that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like watching them. Amongst them Avatar: The Last Airbender and Full Metal Alchemist. Favourite foods are sushi and dumplings and school subjects are history and french. And of course a girl’s favourite colour… Blue!

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