Beldon Haigh – Flowers

Published on: 2021-11-23

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Famously (or infamously) known for viral political music videos featuring performances from Beldon and his band playing in the bizarre masks of Trump, Kim Jong Un, and Vladimir Putin. Beldon also has a formidable live band as can be seen on YOUTUBE.

Flowers is about the times in life, when we lose sight of what’s important, indulge ourselves in something that seems really important at the time, dominate all our headspace, but means we forget about, or neglect people who really matter. It’s way too easy to get wrapped up in good or bad distractions. Things that before long dominate the headspace, but in the end turn out to have little importance. Many of us have a tendency to obsess about things. Overthink, over indulge in certain thinking patterns. Over think things which are good or bad. Fixate on those things and then find it difficult to give time, love, energy, consideration to the people closest to us who matter the most.

Flowers is about that, it’s about getting lost in yourself, losing all those hours often to nothing at all, sometimes to overthinking, to exaggeration, to worry, to things that never need to be worried about.

We can apologise all we like but we can’t get those hours back, we can’t go back and be mentally present when previously we were absent, we were sat in the room, but we were not in the room. Flowers is really a plea to try and make ourselves more balanced in how we look at people and things and to keep things in perspective because life is too short and we shouldn’t waste it overthinking or over worrying or overindulging.