Barley Station – Baisers Volés

Published on: 2018-03-05

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Barley Station is an independent recording artist with a #1 song on the Official European Independent Music Chart making music for the love of art in musical form. Sound is the canvas, instruments are the brushes.

The mellifluous sounds of Barley Station can be detected not only in their intricately written lyrics, but also in their sound with layers of real, organic harmonies, driving rhythms, and contagious melodies. Although the band pulls a distinctive Alternative vibe, in terms of genre, most reviewers, fans, and radio claim that the The Barley Station signature is a genre crossover blend of Americana, Country, Pop, Folk, and even Rock/Alternative which is authentic and original.

The band is comprised of its original members, both all-around musicians, singers, and songwriters in their own rights. Chief frontman and Producer, Randy Wayne Belt (vocals, bass), and chief funnyman, Brian Kious (vocals, guitar), have credentials aside from their music which only adds to their unique blend as a band. Randy’s background in Acting, writing, and Musical Theater in conjunction with Brian’s similar penchant for writing results in cleverly written lyrics and ballads that manage to borough into the hearts of their fans. There is not one song in their extensive library which hasn’t garnered a response from fans that feel ‘connected’ to their music.

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