Barium Sunset – Here I Am

Published on: 2018-06-25

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Roger Hyde is a complex thoughtful, creative and intelligent emerging talent. From his shy early musical moments, coming from a talented musical family he has become a terrific creator of electronic dance music. Roger Hyde prefers to be known as Barium Sunset as his professional nom de plume, keeping his shy side at home.

His first musical memory was his parents playing “When I Fall In Love” by Nat King Cole. As a boy he sang in a church choir, but instruments came much later in life. As a teen Hyde listened to his stereo much of the time to all genres of music learning something from everything he heard. He now plays and composes on keyboards and harmonica, not having learned how to read music he plays by ear. “I have just always wanted to be musical from a very young age and used to beg my mother to teach me how to play the piano. She was a grade 7 pianist. My wife inspires me now”, he says.

Hyde says his major influences are varied and hard to compile but acknowledges such artists as Nat King Cole, David, Bowie, Vangelis, The Thompson Twins and John Popper of Blues Traveller. Some of these influences led to Roger Hyde playing in a blues Band for a short period of time.

“I listen to and play most genres, as they all have something to learn from, and I never stop learning. I also listen to a lot of dance, including my own so I can improve on what I have done before, hopefully. I like to think that I am original in my composing, because I approach the way I compose with not how many likes or sales I can achieve, but how my music makes people feel.

Does it give them joy and make them want to dance and move with the groove, like there is not a care in your world?