Aya Yamaguchi – May I?

Published on: 2021-06-29

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Aya, formerly Adya, was born and raised in Chiba, Japan She studied voice at Berkeley School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

Upon her return to Japan from the U.S., Aya started performing with her own jazz quartet in Tokyo and Chiba. In 2009, she met music producer G. Nii Amon Ashie.

Aya and producer G. Nii Amon Ashie co-wrote several songs for two CDs: “Be Like Her” initially released in 2017 under the name Adya, and “Love Is All” released in 2018. Two singles ‘Long Goodbyes’ and ‘I’m the Woman Who Loves You’ on the “Be Like Her” CD were previously released on the label’s compilation albums “Obonu Music: Urban 1.0” and “OM Collective” respectively, under Adya. Aya’s first Japanese language singled titled ‘Lonesome Town’, released under the name Adya on June 6, 2015, is no available on the “Love Is All” CD.

Aya states:

“When I created the melody for my latest single May I, the image that came to me was of 2 people far away from each other, but happy in their relationship. They stayed connected by writing letters to each other. The letters written by one of them consistently touched the heart of the other partner deeply.

I especially like the line “May I read it to you”, because to me it sounds like the words were written to effortlessly convey the love of the author and shared without pressure on the partner to respond, but just listen.”

Therefore, please consider this thought provoking and beautiful Country Pop song for airplay.