Art-360-05 – Yeah

Published on: 2019-11-22

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My video clip aims at representing all the world’s populations including all ethnic, religious, cultural, socio-economic backgrounds; as well as all sexual orientations: gay, lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual, cougar, masochist…

This clip is funny, surreal, imaginary and 100% homemade with uncommon characters and hat designs: (the pink-hatted prima ballerina, the 5-sided Venitian, the traffic cone, the wise devil, the androgynous pride, the flower pirate…).

It took two shooting days for the 40 characters + 4 puppets, amounting to 25h of make-up.

The shooting took place in Olne, a small Belgian town close to Liège.

The song is about people in general during a night-club evening or a family/friend gathering like a wedding, a birthday, a religious event, a Christmas-New Year celebration…

These people are reserved, even compulsively shy; they are afraid to dance first and it is not until a few drinks that they eventually let themselves go. So what I’m saying in my song is that life is too short to waste time so let it all go straight away.

The song was made in France (Lille) and in Belgium (Namur), remastered in the London’s Abbey Road studios, Stardelta.

My artistic ambition is to promote my art and not myself as a person because today I think too many artists focus on themselves, leaving out their initial motivation: ART. That explains why my pseudonym (stage name) is ART-360°-(05). No flamboyance here, just simplicity.

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