Alycia STEEL – J’ai Envie D’être à Vous

Published on: 2022-07-03

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Alycia STEEL is a young singer aged
21 years old, originally from Chalon-sur-Saône. (France)
She could very well embody the image of “Poupée de
Wax, Sound Doll” by Serge GAINSBOURG, so
this artist has already understood that to distinguish herself
others, it needed the little extra that makes the difference for
EXIST… Sometimes POP, sometimes ROCK, this Glam Girl has a
powerful and assertive voice… just like her very
personal and intelligently thought out halfway between the
Gothic, Cosplay, and Rock which comes to support its
an artistic signature, Alycia STEEL is POP CULTURE!
For 5 years, she has been performing the first parts of artists
renowned, and multiplies its performances at Festivals and
other major musical events: Fêtes de la
Music, Soup on Stage (Lyon), HARLEY DAVIDSON,
In 2019, spotted by Steve VISSANT
member of the TENANCES Music team
she is invited to join the artists
produced and managed by the agency TENDANCES & Cie (Julie
PIETRI, FAUDEL, Kareen ANTONN…) in order to allow him
to develop on a wider radiation! This is
as well as the young artist was able to perform ahead
premiere, opening concerts by artists from the 1980s
The 80s, 90s, and more contemporary on some large
French scenes!
She unveils her first title (I WANT TO BE YOURS)