Alpha Cat – Venus Smile

Published on: 2021-12-05

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Venus Smile
Alpha Cat’s title single and accompanying new video from the upcoming 2022 “Venus Smile” album, out no

A disarmingly upbeat pop song about how the broken heart is, as Leonard Cohen wrote: “How the light comes in.“ “Venus Smile” is about how it is the broken heart that shows you what you’re made of. “And when at last your heart is broken know there’s more to you than this…”

This track’s musicians include: Elizabeth McCullough, singer, songwriter, and acoustic guitar, genius guitarist Doug Pettibone (Lucinda Williams, John Mayer), and bassist Reggie McBride (From Stevie Wonder to Parliament Funkadelic, to Elton John.) and brilliant drummer Jason Harrison Smith.
Venus Smile Video:

Alpha Cat has been a critic’s darling since September 1999, as well as a CMJ chart topper in that year and into 2000. 2019’s “Thatched Roof Glass House” received major global airplay, direct licenses from Spotify, Tidal, and Rhapsody, among others, and scores of amazing reviews. As did 2021’s remaster/rerelease of 2001’s Pearl Harbor as “pearl harbor 2020” with two additional tracks, also extremely well reviewed.

Next album up is the all new “Venus Smile” for which release is slated for early 2022.

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