Agathe C – Matador

Published on: 2017-11-19

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Entering Agathe C’s world, is like being whisked away in a tornado of emotions, with her passion for writing and singing love leading the way. Agathe debuts her writing career by publishing poems & slams on internet sites in 2008, in which she explores in a simplicit and sensible way the troubles and joys of. After a very personal and release of her first album CD « AMORESCENCE » in 2014, where she debuted her singing career and thought it was probably her first and last of it, she met Francis Jackowski… A meeting that will change forever Agathe’s artistic life. Francis puts music onto her lyrics : it’s a match ! The lyrics and music become one and songs are created. Agathe adds a C to her artist name. 2 years later, a new album project is seeing the light : a sensual revisit on loving moments. Seduction meets desire, sensual delight and even erotism, in a series of bold statement love poems with moderned music adapated to it. « Petits Bonheurs Aleatoires », inspired by hedonism, sees the light in December 2016. This 5-song album tells of the pursuit of pleasure & sensual self-indulgence, small happiness moments that come and go and are to be embraced fully.